White Hair to Black Hair Naturally in Tamil -Black Hair Colour Dye at Home[100% working method]

By | April 16, 2021

white hair to black hair naturally permanently in tamil. Black hair colour dye at home in tamil. I am explaining how to change your white or grey hair into black hair in natural way at home.


  1. Amla Powder(Nellikkai) – 2 tablespoonful. – strengthen the hair roots.
  2. Kadukkai(Terminalia Chebula) – two tablespoonful. – helps to grow healthy and black hair.
  3. Henna(Meganthi or Maruthani) powder – 2 tablespoonful. – helps white hair to black hair naturally.
  4. Black Jeera (black cumin seeds) – 2 tablespoonful. – change white color to black color and shine the hair.
  5. Coffee Powder – 2 tablespoonful. – shine your hair with brownish color.
  6. Avuri (Indigo) powder. – blacken the white hair.
  7. Thandrikkai(Terminalia belerica) – 2 tablespoonful – prevent grey hair growth.


Fry Amla powder, kadukkai powder, henna, black jeera, and coffee powder with water, mix it well until paste like conistency. Then, Keep it for 8 hours with iron pan. Next morning add indigo and thandrikkai powder and mixed it well with henna mixture and then apply it to your hair and keep it dry for 2 hours. After that you can bath with normal water. First time users will get immediate result of white hair changed to black hair. if you are chemical dye user, you have to apply 4 to 5 times in a month to get result.


00.20 – Introduction
02.30 – Demo of making hair dye.
05.45 = Finishing touch for hair dye.