White Hair to Black Hair Naturally in 7 Steps in Tamil | White Hair Control at Home.

By | April 24, 2021

I am explaining how to control white hair at home and change white hair to black hair naturally in 7 steps in tamil. How to turn white hair to black hair with 7 simple solutions naturally at home and prevent grey hair at early stages. What are the best home remedies to follow to prevent white/grey hair.

premature white is one of the biggest problem in many of people in the world. Especially our people are very much concern about their white hair problems. But is this possible to reverse white hair condition, the answer is yes if you follow the tips regularly. Lot of chemical hair dyes are available in the market to offer temporary solutions, but it often gives us many side effects. so, we have to go to in natural way to take care of the white hair problems. if you are age below 40, you must follow the simple tips to prevent white hair.

These are the Home remedies which I followed to cure my Grey Hairs. These methods have no side effects and it’s absolutely Natural. Some people may feel irritation in scalp while applying Onion Juice which is absolutely normal. No need to Panic. You can add some water to decrease the concentration of Onion Juice.


00:00 – Reverse premature grey/white hair to black hair naturally.

00:36 – Introduction -Reverse premature grey/white hair to black hair naturally.

01:36 – Use of onion juice, which helps reverse grey hair.

02:17 – Drumstick leaves.

02:47 – using Carrot Juice.

03:06 – using Amla Fruit.

03:48 – using amla with honey.

04:01 – Using Blueberry fruits, which help prevent grey/white hair

04:29 – Using Salmon Fish, which controls grey/white hair problems.

04:47 – Using Mushroom, which helps prevent grey/whit hair.

05:14 – Using amla oil, sembarthi oil, which helps to increase growth of hair.

06:00 – End