My Weight Loss Journey: 173 to 148lbs + Weight Loss Pills

By | December 7, 2020

Hello everyone I’m coming at you guys with an update on my weight loss journey because so many of you wanted to know how I was doing yes I’m still trying to bust my butt and yes I’m still trying to get down to 135, so yeah if you guys want to hear more about what I’ve been doing lately as far as losing more weight stay tuned.

So you guys, my new measurements as of November 3rd is 30.5 around my navel 27 above navel 38.5 around my hips my thigh is 22 and my arms are 11 inches. I give all my tips that I had to lose the 7 inches off my tummy um. So this is a journey for me that’s not perfect. I stumbled just like everybody else, but I’m trying to stick it out for the long haul and make it a serious lifestyle change and not just something temporary just to look good.

Summer already passed and I wasn’t popping okay. So I’m trying to be poppin next summer anyways. I don’t wanna get sidetracked. So pretty much today, I just wanted to update you guys on where I am. Any setbacks and how I got back on what I need to do so right here, I will attach a picture of what I look like now compared to September 16 at the top you can see that I have slimmed down. It isn’t a significant difference in my opinion but it’s still progress.

So either way, I’m proud of it one of the things that I did change was, I started taking a supplement. So I was not on any supplements literally I told you guys what I was doing to lose that way the beginning of September, I did start taking a supplement called bikini bot and it is this bottle right here that some getting washed out and pretty much I’ve been taking one tablet or one capsule a day as this suggested suggested dosage. I believe, two to three capsules. but I’m very sensitive to caffeine.

So I thought, it would be just smart for me just to take one of it. So when I first started the capsules or whatever the first week or so I would say I was a little bit like sick feeling like a my stomach like carsick type feeling, and I was like ah I don’t know if I can do this so I asked about it and to the company, because I wanted to know if that was something that was normal or if I should just stop taking it so basically they explained to me that some people especially people who don’t drink caffeine I don’t drink soda I don’t drink carbonated anything and I simply only give water and tea and most of my teas are non-caffeinated so I don’t really consider at the Epis so they basically explain to me that some people are actually really sensitive to caffeine so they suggested either taking half a capsule and putting it in a smoothie or just taking one instead of the tube and seeing how your body reacts to it so I decided to stick it out and I continued to take one tablet capsule instead of doing the half dosage now while on this supplement um I did not go as hard as I probably should have okay if you watch our last video you know that I said that I do like a minimum 10,000 or 12,000 steps like I play no games I hike literally like it was nothing I made sure that I got those steps in although I wasn’t exercising as hard I still made sure I did walking at least for 30 minutes of bare minimum on this and I can say in terms of don’t officially I am down to 148 so that means I started my journey I was 173 and now I am 148 now my goal is 135 so I’m a little bit closer to my goal so I would say these bad boys definitely help because I wasn’t really working out as hard as I [ __ ] up and I literally have two capsules left from this um and like I said I’ve only been taking like one so – the few days I was taking the suggested amount but I truly believe it’s helped because I haven’t been working out and honestly I haven’t been eating the best that I should um I haven’t been getting like sloppy or anything I still eat myself whatever the case may be but I have not been making the best decision food-wise I’m sure that set me back in a certain aspect but I think I’m going to give this bikini bod like a 9 out of 10 because I really do feel like it helped me before taking this I believe I was 155 right yeah 155 so almost 10 pounds lost with very little strenuous so yes now I want to talk about jumping off the bat about that stuff jumping off the bandwagon and then getting back on so for me life got in the way and it tends to do that to us and the lose focus of our end goal my only advice to you guys is like I said take pictures keep those pictures close and here to you because once you start falling off you’re gonna see okay I was here and I’m not trying to get back there so I need to keep going forward also get a motivating front a buddy a boyfriend a girlfriend your mom your dad whoever because when I fall off or start slacking I have my two best friends that are in my ear like girl what are you doing get back on it and we constantly tell each other or I guess update each other on what we’re doing as far as our weight loss goal it definitely helps because then you don’t feel like you’re alone you have somebody there that’s helping you and cheering you on in the sidelines so I didn’t let myself get down I just told myself okay well if you’re not working out you need to eat better you are not gonna eat that free burrito that she has over there for you and she’s asking you if you want a piece of it yeah I want a piece of it go but I know he can’t but I know I can’t have it so don’t beat yourself up in the last class last is keeping measuring see because that’s the only thing that I will smack you in the face like literally when I start falling off I started thinking I was getting fluffy I was like Oh God and I dreaded the tape-measure it’s literally rolled up and it just sits there and I was like I’m not even gonna touch you I’m just gonna walk away but it’s that tape measure that snapped me back and I was like okay that’s all I lost that’s how many inches I lost okay I gotta get back on it and instantly you want to get back in your most you know so that’s it jump start I’m not that sensitive to caffeine or you are like me but you’re willing to still give it a xuxa I should shut sure a shot I suggest taking the bikini bod because it actually did help me I’m actually really convinced about taking another bottle to see if I could reach my goal a little bit faster because it is my birthday and lesson is it two weeks it’s gonna be two weeks now and I still got a cool 10 pounds I’m trying to lose before that hit so I’m gonna finish my to three caps with whatever is left in here and yeah this is great this is good to me so for those wondering this is an appetite depressant so your appetite will decrease it’s very important for you to still make sure you eat do not starve yourself that is not healthy in losing weight it just helps you control your eating and eat less but it’s in no way for you to sit there and starve yourself I mean you would still be hungry it doesn’t like kill your appetite completely but it does help you get full faster in my opinion now I was taking this every day even when I wasn’t exercising or eating right um I did that just because I didn’t want to lose track of the routine so that’s another thing that I think is really important – just stay current with it and take it either way as far as weight loss and how much you can move with one bottle I believe it says that you can lose up to 20 pounds with just one bottle so that’s literally some people’s goals right there so if you stay focused you can do what you have to do with this bottle so me I lost around ten but I’m content with that because my measurements went down and that’s what matters most you guys know I’m not a scale person but every now and then I like to see the scale and see those numbers decrease another important thing is your water intake you have to drink water with this like I drink like minimum 75 ounces a day and I even tried to increase that while taking this because it does contain biotin for your hair and I’m very sensitive to biotin so my face will freak out like that so it’s very important that I keep current with my water and make sure you don’t get dehydrated another thing that I can say about this is it gave me energy it does have caffeine like I said obviously but it also has green tea in it I love green tea already I’m like a green tea fanatic and it’s definitely helped with improving my energy because I’m not a morning person at all but when I take this in the morning I’m like actually like ready to go so it definitely improves energy and helps you have energy throughout the day to work out so there’s no excuses that you’re tired so that’s pretty much the synopsis of the whole bikini bod thing but if I had to do it again I would do it again and that would actually be more serious on it because if I lost 10 pounds with minimal exercise and somewhat eating the way I’m supposed to I can only imagine if I was doing what I’ve been doing and eating way better what I could actually walk so pretty much the fact that it helped me even when I wasn’t doing what I needed to do says a lot about the product and I’m gonna run with it and I’m gonna stick with it so that’s just my update if you guys have any questions about what I’ve been eating what I’ve been doing exercise any of that stuff you know to shoot I never can speak like it’s getting worse or you can shoot me a comment below or you can hit me up on Facebook. I’m so available to you guys as far as your whole weight loss journeys code I’ve been getting some emails from you guys and it’s very heartfelt for me that you guys are like entrusting me in your weight loss journey and that I’m inspiring some of you to you know start your weightless weight loss journey so don’t ever be shy I’m always available for you guys.