My Son solved the Rubix cubes in Tamil

By | December 6, 2020

So, if you haven’t solved a cube before it might seem impossibly difficult But today I’m going to teach you a method that I used to teach a lot of people who didn’t believe they could solve it The cube and if anything along the way becomes fuzzy and you need more examples. With that being said, it is time to solve your first cube So the first thing to do is find the white center piece and keep it on the top white and dissolve the white cross But we also need the colors on the side to line up so this is how we solve it Create a white piece on the bottom layer like this one, but not this layer.

This is the corner piece It has three colors on it. We want those who are those edge in the middle. So we’ll take this Make sure you have white on top. Take this piece from below Move it along the bottom until you find it is just below Correct colored center because this color is white and green and this is a green center So what you do if you get there is that all you have to do is move it up by turning the green face 180 Do this until you solve the entire white cross and line up these colors on the side as well But I’ll show you what might happen and it will be a little difficult Here I found a white and an orange piece So, I’m going to move it down along the bottom until it’s just below the orange center and then flip it 180 degrees So it is at the top, but these colors must be switched So what you do in this case is move this over to the side here like this and then Turn the top Counterclockwise this here.

And then Repeat everything and finally what will happen is that you are looking for the last piece of the cross and nowhere is it at the bottom He might be in the middle here. If the command is in the center, what you can do is move it down We’ll be moving it all the way down to move it out of the way so we can fix this cross piece Now you can solve it as usual Well, once the cross is completely dissolved make sure all of these side colors match the centers, then turn the cube Upside down Now I will teach you an important series of 4 moves that will help you with everything else in the cube So hold the cube as I put your left thumb in front here and then place your right thumb down Fingers here then do that flip the right side up Try the top with your right hand like this Flip the right side down then rotate the top with your left hand like this Now just repeat that.

Push up with the right hand side up, right side down, push up with the left hand Do this several times so you can do it quickly, and now we’ll also learn how to do it Our left hand because it’s going to matter, too So hold your left hand like this right thumb in front, then go ahead with your left hand pushing with your left hand Move down and push up with your right hand while flicking down the left with the right Okay, so once you can do both, we’re now going to solve the rest of the white side So what you have to do is look up to get a white corner with such an angle and then look at it In other colors on it too.

This is green. And this is orange. These three make up one piece And so we have to look at where it has to go So it goes between the centers of white green and white green orange orange, so here it goes So we’re going to move the top until you go straight to where it should go and Then now you can insert this here using two different methods and One way is by pressing it on the right side like this and then doing the right hand 4 moves 1 2 3 4 and Oh, it has just been solved. But sometimes you will have to repeat it before it ends up resolving So here is another example, here is red green white.

So it goes between the white green and red centers So we’re going to move the top until it goes higher where it should go and then repeat these moves But this time it was on the left side, so we can do it with our left hand. And therefore Once Not resolved twice yet 3 times and there we go Now the thing that might happen is you have a corner stuck to the bottom here and need to get it out in order To maintain a solution.

So if that happens, you can just hold it here and then take it using the same motions you like and Then you can just carry on as usual Okay so once you’re done with every corner just check to make sure all of these colors are correct here and then we are I’ll go to the second layer, for that this part So since the top center here is yellow Your first task is to find one of these edge pieces on top that does not contain yellow in this case This one will be right here.

I’ve got blue and orange So put it on top and then move it around until it matches the middle Now this is orange and blue for that The blues are on the right Green is on the left relative to the center, since orange and blue need to go to the right side they need Go here. So because he needs to go right The first thing we’re actually going to do is move it away and move it towards the left side like that Then what we do this you will just have to memorize, take this corner out using your right hand So again using those four moves that I taught earlier 1 2 3 4 Now we’re going to reinsert this angle But using our left hand like this 1 2 3 4 and then we go Then another example here. We have a non-yellow rim on top It’s turned red and blue so match the front color red with the red center and this one blue on it So the right side is green.

The left side is blue. So he should go to the left side So it means moving to the left side that you follow the same rules as before in the other direction So if you need to go left push to the right first like that and then Take out this left corner with your left hand and Then put it back on using your right hand. So make sure you carry it like this And the There we go. So just like the corners if you find that a feature is actually there Just take another piece like any random piece and place it there So you must know how to put the pieces in there And then this one will come out and then you can do it as normal after that OK. So once we’ve done the first two layers after that, we’re going to do the top of the yellow cross So we’re only looking at the edges, and if you see that you don’t have edges already done, it’s just a point then What you do is you turn the forehead in a clockwise direction like this and then do the four right hand steps that you taught earlier.

So 1 2 3 4 then undo this front step We’ll ignore the angles here If you see you have an L, place it in the upper left and do it again Like this and then 4 moves Then do that now if I get a horizontal line Make sure you are not carrying vertical if it is horizontal then do it again Once the cross is done just like the first cross We want to try and line up as many pieces as possible So I lined up here green and orange, but I didn’t lined up the other two Therefore, you will either be able to form the four rows in this case You’re done (with) the move or you can just line up two.

So you want to hold these two solved So that one is in the back and the other is at the moment If you can’t do it If they are intersecting each other, then you only need to do this algorithm from anywhere and this algorithm goes like this Therefore, moving the right side up is moving this pair with a break in attention to this pair. You can move it to the left And you put the red side down Then you can keep moving this to the left all the way until it is on the very left side and Then you move the right side up again and position it like this Okay, so if you did it right you should now be able to put everything together It is getting all the angles in the right place So you can see orange-yellow blue, and it has yellow-red centers around it So it is not in the right place.

This is not in the right place. This is in the right place yellow-orange and green Green Yellow Orange Now if they are all in the right place already, you are done with this step But if there is only one correct, keep it up front, right? If none of them are correct then just run this algorithm from anywhere and the algorithm goes like this Turn the top over with your right Same thing with your left hand in turn with your left hand the left side so now it’s all the same again But try to down with your right hand right side down, turn the upper part with your left hand down the left side Okay, so this is still in the right place.

So you just have to keep your finger on it and check all the other things They are not in the right place yet. Then just do it again Right Hand Right Side Up Left Hand Left Hand Up Right Hand Right Side Down Left Hand Left Hand Down And now, each angle is in the right place, but it doesn’t have to be flipped properly as you can see from these two So every corner is in the right place now, and once you get to that step you have to turn everything upside down So you get all of these angles down later and now we’re just going to solve them one by one But be sure to pay attention to how this works because if you make a mistake, you can mess up the entire cube Okay, so we’re gonna start by solving this lower right corner So we will do these four moves with our right hand until this step is resolved.

If one two three Four and there. It solved it So once you’ve done that and start doing the next corner But make sure to bring the next corner by flipping the bottom layer.Don’t rotate the cube completely or it will mess things up So flip the bottom layer to get the next corner and then duplicate it Now that it is solved and so I bring a repeat of the next step This solved one time to bring the next one Then there you go.