Mutton Biryani in Tamil Seivathu Eppadi at Home | வேற லெவல் மட்டன் பிரியாணி

By | December 8, 2020

When we say biryani we can not control the saliva of our tongue There is no one who does not like biryani We do not need to tell our Muslim friends wedding biryani. It will make you feel like eating attractive and tastiest Expert in Wedding Biryani cooking 24 years experience How to make a wedding biryani.

First add oil add Ghee, Then add cinnamon,clove,elaichi after oil heat Add chopped Onion After adding onion and it starts to turn brown in 8 to 10 minutes. Normally biryani cooks keep the fire high and turn the onion into brown. We’re doing different. We reduce the fire and turn the onions lightly brown. All the onions will be the same color and are not black. All the onion turn to golden colour. Get more flavor We reduce the firewood and keep the stove charcoal too high Onion will cock that fire. Aroma still increases. All the onions will be the same color and are not black. All the onions are golden colour Add ginger&garlic paste and after 3 minutes need to fry in the oil Ginger and garlic can be added separately or Add together its our choice Its well mingled with onion then add curd.

Add 150ml curd for 1kg biryani It’s better to sour curd It will give sour to biryani and It will smooth the meat So That’s why we add curd Then add Tomato,Green chilli,Coriander,Mint leaf Add Chilli Powder,Turmeric Powder,Salt Mix well then add water Washing twice is enough Wash and dry first in good water

The second time is cleaned better. if washed and dried, Add washed mutton mixed well If it was good meat will be ready in 35 minutes 30-35 minutes will be ready for biryani. Add Lemon juice If you get rid of porridge in rice The rice does not stick with each other It will be spare Rice not stick with each other for Biryani Need to boil in medium We follow that method We put it in hot water to get porridge in rice We take it and then give it to the biryani We will give Tam to biryani and it cooked normally A little more time but it is not the cook above rice below rice is cooked.

The water is just going down when put the tam The upper rice will make less suck The lower rice will make more suck The heat is compressed on the cover immediately Rice on top will take more water and rice on bottom will take more water it will cook even The eating guest will be happy In top not boiled In bottom over boiled Correctly boiled in our biryani. The fire burns well enough for 13-15 minutes 20 minutes needed. if the fire is thrown out The rice does not stick to the bottom The rice does not stick with each other Oil will not be too much in our biryani. The oil will be perfect. No need to wash hands after eating. Tissue paper is enough to wipe. There will be no oil in the banana leaf and the plate. Its very nice.